The Department


Historical Background

The Panchayat and Community Development was created by the Government of Assam in the year 1952 with the motto for upliftment of the rural people of the State of Assam. Originally 3 Nos. of Community Development Projects and 135 Nos. of Development Blocks were created in Assam. Now the Development Blocks have been increased up to 219 for implementation of various development programmes and schemes for proper upliftment of rural people.

The erstwhile Panchayat & Community Development Department and the Rural Development Department have been amalgamated into one Department in the name and style as Panchayat & Rural Development since 1.7.1989.


The Department has taken the responsibility of enhancing rural livelihoods through a variety of programmes and projects. The emphasis is on building up of local resources through increasing the capability of the rural poor through self-employment programmes and through building up of critical infrastructure in the rural areas of Assam.


The Panchayat and Rural Development Department is actively taking new innovative projects for building community assets, strengthening the existing occupational strategies of the poor farmers and cultivators and to provide wage employment to the needy from amongst the poorest section of the rural society. Following are some of the highlights of such development interventions